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The National Equity Project Blog Has Moved!

We are excited to announce that we have moved our blog to allow for seamless integration with our website. This will provide you with access to even more exciting content and resources and will improve your overall user experience. If you … Continue reading

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Kindness eases change. Love quiets fear.

Kindness eases change. Love quiets fear. And a sweet and powerful Positive obsession Blunts pain, Diverts rage, And engages each of us In the greatest, The most intense Of our chosen struggles. – Octavia Butler, Parable of the Talents At … Continue reading

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Pay Now or Pay Much More Later

Last week a group called Fight Crime: Invest in Kids released “Pay Now or Pay Much More Later,” a report on proposed cuts in California to early childhood education.  Research supports the idea that the less we invest in early education in … Continue reading

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Teaching with a Cultural Eye and Listening

We welcomed over 40 teachers and other educators, including teams from nine bay area K-12 schools, to our most recent Teaching with a Cultural Eye (TCE) Institute last week (March 15-16) to learn, discuss, and reflect on relationships with students in the context … Continue reading

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Inspiration from James Baldwin: A letter from our Executive Director

I recently reread James Baldwin’s 1963 “Talk to Teachers,” which inspired me when I was a high school teacher of History and African American Studies, and still resonates powerfully today. I am writing to update you on the work of … Continue reading

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US has Wealth, Lacks Equity and Unity

In a new paper, Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute argues that as a nation, “we are not broke, nor will we be”: Nevertheless, while these claims have little in the way of truth, politicians and pundits have successfully … Continue reading

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Linda Darling-Hammond’s Fiery Commencement Address

In her commencement address at the Teacher’s College graduation last week, published by the Nation magazine, Linda Darling-Hammond rails against “the new scientific managers” in very impassioned rhetoric. Some highlights: As scientific managers were looking to make schools “efficient” in … Continue reading

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The Face of America is Changing

Thank you to PolicyLink for this time-lapse map showing the increase of people of color in the present era by decades. By 2042, the nation will have a majority of people of color. This decade, the majority of young people … Continue reading

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Equity and Excellence Commission

What if instead of saying we should educate all children, we said our goal is to educate each child?  How might our decisions shift if we shifted our thinking about education goals from an undifferentiated mass of all children to the particular … Continue reading

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Facilitation and Education Change

Facilitation is one of those under-appreciated, supposedly “soft” skills that can make all the difference in an organization’s learning or change effort.  It involves a lot more than being comfortable leading a meeting. It entails the skillful management of group … Continue reading

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