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Teacher of the Year testimony

I’Asha Warfield was named one of two Teachers of the Year for Alameda County California, encompassing 23 districts serving over 200,000 students, 40% of them low-income. She is an English teacher at Frick Middle School in Oakland Unified. She worked … Continue reading

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Equitable Turnaround Approaches

A new report on turnaround schools came through our in box last week, representing a welcome alternative view of leadership and change to the dominant approaches in the education system that aligns with National Equity Project approaches.  First, the dominant approach to improving … Continue reading

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A School Turnaround in one Democratic Convention Speech

Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts spoke at the Democratic National Convention on the first night and referenced a school in Boston that has turned around.  We were encouraged especially by the support services that help students deal with the effects … Continue reading

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Confronting Systemic Inequity in Education

That’s the title of a report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). It’s written for foundations but has insights and data that are useful for other equity workers.  (The PDF is free, the fee is for the printed report.)  The … Continue reading

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Thank a Teacher

Teachers have been packing up classrooms and wrapping up the year to start their summer break, although many of them will work for extra money, many will take courses and workshops, read and do self-study, and de-stress and finally get some sleep.  … Continue reading

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The Moral Imperative: With the Kellogg Foundation Learning Labs in Mississippi

The Learning Labs is a national movement to radically improve early learning (birth to age 5) for all children in the United States. Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the movement consists of a partnership of innovative state-level early learning … Continue reading

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Pay Now or Pay Much More Later

Last week a group called Fight Crime: Invest in Kids released “Pay Now or Pay Much More Later,” a report on proposed cuts in California to early childhood education.  Research supports the idea that the less we invest in early education in … Continue reading

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