We Dare Say Love

We were honored to host a small gathering to celebrate the launch of We Dare Say Love: Supporting Achievement in the Educational Life of Black Boys.  The book, edited by Na’ilah Suad Nasir (NEP Boardmember), Christopher Chatmon, and Jarvis Givens, chronicles the development and implementation of Oakland Unified School District’s African American Male Achievement Initiative (AAMA).

NEP is proud to fiscally sponsor the ongoing growth and development of Kingmakers of Oakland as they work to improve educational outcomes for Black Boys in districts across the country.

“I began to frame the conversations within the system around this: I wanted people to consciously begin to think about and identify what is a profile of a successful African American child, and what are we doing to create the culture and conditions that lead to all Black children experiencing that success. If you’re not talking about that, and all you do is talk about the deficit, all the behavior, then that is what you end up cultivating and perpetuating and priming other people to think that’s all they can do.”

Every meeting we would go into, we would ask, “How are you engaging Black boys? How are you encouraging Black boys?”

– Chris Chatmon, We Dare Say Love / A View from the Inside (p. 108)

AAMA is hosting their 2019 Spring Symposium on March 14-15 in Oakland, CA. Learn how AAMA addresses the systems, structures, and culture that leads to improved educational outcomes for African American boys from Pre-K to 12th grade. Participants will leave with an action plan to inspire leadership for Black boys in their city, town, or region.


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