Hate and Hurt in America: On Charlottesville

From our fierce leader, LaShawn Chatmon:

Now more than ever we must stand resolute — committed to lead through listening, to lead with love, to lead with a historical and structural analysis – to lead for equity.

The terror and violent tragedy in Charlottesville exposed an ugly, painful truth, an unreconciled history. We cannot progress toward a just and equitable future and not understand our past – or be willing to confront and take action against present injustice.

We appreciate the scholarship and wisdom of john a. powell. May his words provide some solace in this dark hour.

Keep your hands on the plough equity warriors, for in the words of a King, “the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Gather friends and allies…We have work to do.

protestShared under CC-BY. Original image by Black Lives Matter Black Friday.


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