From the Mouths of Coaches

Last week we hosted leaders and educators from across the country at our annual Coaching for Equity Institute in Oakland, CA.  Here are some of the powerful reflections participants had to share after our three days together:

“I enjoyed connecting with educators across the country to talk and explore the most important work of schools – EQUITY. I left with new ways to ensure that equity will be infused into coaching conversations across my district.” – Troy Boddy, Director of Equity, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

“The Coaching for Equity Institute expanded my thinking and repertoire of coaching skills to support and engage other leaders in our district’s equity work. I am excited to go back and begin integrating the content with our existing framework, structures, and processes.”–  Arronza LaBatt, Executive Assistant, Office of School Support and Improvement, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

“I appreciate how the National Equity Project surfaces critical issues of inequity in education and community.  The Coaching for Equity Institute empowers particupants with skills and strategies to gracefully disrupt patterns of inequity in schools and systems.” – Travis Campbell, Director K-12 Student and School Success, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

“The coaching role play activities were a phenomenal experience. I truly appreciate the feedback I received and even more so because it came from an unbiased party. I now have a more focused platform on which to base my own professional development to ultimately and effectively do the work that cannot go undone one second longer… Teaching so that ALL students learn.” – Patrice Turner, Director of Math Intervention, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

“If you want to think, be pushed, be inspired, and do so in the company of other folks with our kids in the forefront of their minds – then the National Equity Project is for you!” – Ivy Martinez, Director, Impact & Diversity, Teach for America

There’s still time to register for our August Coaching for Equity Institute, but it’s filling up fast. Visit for more information and to register today.

Coaching for Equity

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