Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys

This month National Equity Project board member Gregory Hodge will participate on a panel at the Foundation Center in San Francisco on “Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys: Where Do We Go From Here?”  Other panelists represent organizations including PolicyLink, REDF, and the California Endowment.  Details and registration info for the event on March 21, 2013 can be found at the Grant Space site here.

Greg recently authored a report for the Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) titled “Current Black Men and Boys Investments in California: A Landscape Scan.”  The report surveys current major funding efforts and makes recommendations for greater coordination using some of the framework of “collective impact.”

We are very fortunate to have Greg as a board member. He is an activist, educator, researcher, former school board member, and an organization and community development consultant working with Black Men and Boys (BMB) initiatives around the country.  (This 2003 SF Chronicle profile of Greg is dated in obvious ways but conveys a lot of his generous spirit.)

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