Change the Odds this #GivingTuesday

Giving TuesdayWe have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now we have a day for giving back.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to supporting positive change in the world.

Will you help us deliver on the promise of a quality education for every child by making a donation? The National Equity Project works with educators to help them become the leaders who make good on that promise. Your support helps us expand our services across the country.

It’s not enough for some kids to beat the odds — we work to change the odds. We and our partners do this by building people-centered public school systems across the country.  In many urban schools, students are forced into one-size and one-culture-fits-all schools and curricula. Teacher and school success are reduced to test scores. Students are expected to be passive learners, teachers to be passive presenters, and communities to be just passive.

What does a people-centered system look like? It’s emerging in many places where our dedicated partners work.

My coach and I worked on engaging students more fully in their learning and encouraging them to take more ownership of their learning. At the end of the year, my strategic students performed at the same level as the core students, effectively closing the historic achievement gap in Algebra. It was a tremendous success and it’s renewed my motivation for being in the classroom. – Beginning Math Teacher

Equity is not mere diversity, it means dramatically improving educational outcomes for students of color and other marginalized students.

I feel like this was a missing piece from teacher training. Many teachers go into the field with social justice and equity on the forefront of their mind, yet are unequipped to really affect change. This training gave me the tools and framework to couple with my emotions and intentions.  – Special Education Teacher

To achieve equity, intentions are not enough.  The National Equity Project provides practical tools and approaches to change the ways that people work together in school systems.

They facilitated real, sometimes tough, conversations about race and equity within our schools. The experience gave me a lot of information on how to promote social justice in my role as a white teacher of many students of color. They are amazing!  – Elementary School Teacher

We help leaders hold productive conversations about race and equity, not to lay blame, but to find better ways to educate every child.

The National Equity Project was pivotal to our state completing the revision of statewide standards for development, birth through grade 3. The process was initially highly charged with communities of color feeling left out and unvalued. NEP staff listened, created honest conversations, and teamed with our committee to create a powerful, useful, inclusive process and product. – State Agency Director

We help education systems partner more effectively with other agencies and with parents and families.

The NEP team helped us successfully work through tough issues and conflicting opinions, better understand how to apply a racial equity lens to our work, and develop a new vision and guidelines. Because of their training, I truly believe that we moved beyond the rhetoric to actually making investments in communities that are taking productive steps toward transformation in racial equity! – Foundation Program Officer

We help organizations develop better relationships and more effective teams in replicable, measurable ways to make needed big changes for equity.

Please support the National Equity Project this Giving Tuesday by making a tax-deductible contribution to our work at our donation page:

Thank you for all you do.

About Sara Gray

Director of Communications & Marketing at the National Equity Project
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