Changing Education Paradigms

This video has been passed around our colleagues lately. It’s a great overview of some of the paradigm shift we are attempting to effect, albeit a somewhat apolitical version of it.  As an argument for the kind of education system we need in the 21st Century, it is compelling and highly accessible.

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At the National Equity Project, we believe every child has a right to a quality education. We support people to become the powerful leaders who make good on that promise.
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1 Response to Changing Education Paradigms

  1. Anubhav says:

    We have an interesting discussion on this video going on at our discussion forum –

    To quote a couple of points from the discussion –

    As far as our almost factory system of education is concerned, there is a rationale behind the same. Just like a factory system is a great way to “mass produce” goods – an education system based on factory lines is a pretty good way to ensure that masses of children with certain basic skill sets come out of the system. – Anubhav

    When Sir Ken talks about divergent thinkers being needed for creativity to flourish, I do think he should be careful what he wishes for. I have a child who is a divergent thinker, and while he sometimes comes up with brilliant ideas, he is usually walking around in a chaotic muddle. The world still needs the convergent thinkers too, and having everyone continue on with Kindergarten-style creative genius, the decline of which he laments in his talk, wouldn’t necessarily be a benefit to society. We do need to have some practicality, as well as creativity – Lisa

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