Waiting For Superman Screening | October 7, 2010

On October 7, 2010, The National Equity Project hosted a small screening of the controversial new film, Waiting for ‘Superman’.  We were joined by over 100 educators, parents, and community members from throughout our network at the Piedmont Theater in Oakland, CA.

After the film, Senior Director Chin Martin lead the group in a thoughtful discussion of ‘what came up’ for folks in the audience.  People shared their reflections on the film in pair-shares, then voiced some of their responses to the whole group.

Clearly this film has been pretty divisive in the education community, but it has also sparked discussion about both the issues shown in the film (charter schools, unions, etc) and the issues not mentioned in the film (namely, race and the opportunity gap).

We were able to grab a few people to share their reflections after the film.  We asked them a few probing questions …

  • What does ‘equity’ in education mean to you?
  • Where does your commitment to improving our education system from?
  • What do you think of the national conversation about education? What needs to be said that isn’t typically in mainstream coverage ?

And this is what we got …

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the screening, particularly to those who shared their reflections with us.  At The National Equity Project, where so much of our work is focused on ‘changing the discourse’, we hope to host more opportunities to get our network together to think, to talk, and to listen.

In the interest of sharing both sides of the story, we also provided copies of the following articles:

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At the National Equity Project, we believe every child has a right to a quality education. We support people to become the powerful leaders who make good on that promise. www.nationalequityproject.org
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