Equity in Action – Think College Now Elementary

Powerful footage of  principal (and BayCES board member) David Silver testifying before congress about “equity in action” at Think College Now Elementary in Oakland, CA.

BayCES has served as a critical partner to David in founding the school in 2003, developing its collaborative and supportive culture, and “creat[ing] the conditions to support achievement for all students.”

Read more about TCN at Forbes.com.


This school would not exist if it were not for BayCES. If someone tells me they want to start or redesign a school, I tell them they have to work with BayCES.  BayCES helped us build a community that was the foundation of our academic success – they create the conditions for success.  A big value-add is that BayCES coaches’ expertise and experience are at a really high level.  I always knew when I wasn’t sure about something, that they were the people I trusted who I could turn to for help.” – David Silver, 2008

About nationalequityproject

At the National Equity Project, we believe every child has a right to a quality education. We support people to become the powerful leaders who make good on that promise. www.nationalequityproject.org
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